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Industries particularly well served by Digital Paper Solutions include: insurance, legal, education, manufacturing, medical, contracting, accounting, governmental, mortgage providing, and companies pursuing ISO-9000 certification. We offer a number of different solutions to help any-sized business become more efficient and productive.







Computer Back-up

In this digital day and age, there are a number of disastrous ways that your office computers and all their files could be destroyed and/or lost: hardware or software failure, accidental deletion, computer viruses, theft or even a spilled drink. Disaster-proof your data by using Digital Paper Solutions to back-up your computer servers.

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Ricoh eWriter

Users send and receive an average of 133 emails per day. There are over four trillion paper documents in the U.S. alone, growing at a rate of 22% per year. A single fax machine costs $6,200 per year and the average time to manually fax a document is 8 minutes.* Digital Paper Solutions can help your company use the Ricoh eWriter to increase business efficiencies and securely move, or continue to move, paper process online.

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Online document management has never been more possible with docSTAR’s document management and indexing software. An on-premise system allows users to scan all their paper files to an online filing system for easy-access electronic storage.

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Microfilm Conversions

While microfilm has been a quality long-term, low-cost archival method, many companies are looking for conversion opportunities to fit in with their digital document management systems. It is far easier to search and retrieve microfilm information once it is reformatted and digitized.

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Document Scanning

Saving important documents is necessary for all companies, but that often times means using tons of filing cabinets space or letting documents sit unorganized in boxes for years and years. Start thinking about those documents as digital assets and work with us to turn the filing cabinets and old boxes into clean, simple digital files.

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Collaborating on projects with clients and coworkers often times means passing digital files back and forth between each other for review and alterations. This process can be incredibly time-consuming and sometimes confusing. Hubcentrix is the web-, or cloud-, based business solution designed to simplify the collaboration and sharing process.

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Large Format Scanning

Large engineering, architectural, and geological documents take special care and equipment in order to turn them into a usable, digital format. We are able to convert these large items into digital files with your specifications – just tell us the resolution, color depth and file format.

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Photo Scanning

We’re all guilty of it. Albums upon albums of old photos, either on a shelf, in a closet or in the basement. Rarely opened, because they are rarely thought about. But when they are thought about, you wish you had the time and energy to go through them, scan them and share them through email or social networks. Stop letting these classic pictures go unseen and work with us to preserve them and turn them into digital files for online storage and sharing.

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