Document Scanning

Saving important documents is necessary for all companies, but that often times means using tons of filing cabinet space or letting files sit unorganized in boxes for years and years.

Start thinking about those documents as digital assets and work with us to turn the filing cabinets and old boxes into organized digital files. When we scan your documents, we offer complete document preparation services prior to scanning. These include:

  • removing staples and binding
  • unfolding pages
  • moving post-it notes to uncover data
  • correcting upside down or backwards pages

We then monitor and adjust the scanning parameters for the best image capture possible and verify that each scanned file can be read in various formats, such as PDF and tiff.  The digital files are saved to a DVD and if requested, we provide storage for your hard-copy documents at our Document Storage Facility. We can also arrange for the destruction of your documents after certain period of time.

Additionally, our scanning services include complete indexing services so you can easily and efficiently find your scanned documents. These include:

  • barcode recognition
  • database match/merge (Datalink)
  • manual keying 

Think of the space you can save if you turned your filing cabinets into DVD stands. Or utilize your digital document management system and forgo the DVD stands altogether! Document scanning is the solution to become a more organized and efficient business.

One file cabinet takes up 7 sq ft of space and holds 10,000 sheets of paper. One DVD holds 100,000 sheets of paper. The cost of office space has increased by 19% (office space across the world, 2008).     

For more information regarding document scanning, please contact us.