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Your company already sends, captures, stores, and retrieves many digital and hard-copy documents every day: Order forms, invoices, accounting records, contracts, legal documents, delivery receipts, and many others. The question is how much time do you spend gathering, organizing and especially finding these various documents when you need them?

If you think you are wasting time managing all these documents, Digital Paper Solutions and DocSTAR can help. DocSTAR not only securely captures and stores your important files but also turns them into an easily searchable (and customizable) database and allows you to share and collaborate with others. Medical records, human resources files, financial documents, real estate paperwork, insurance claims or even your personal home records can all be implemented into this cloud-based management system.

Let docSTAR run your documents while you run your business.

Finally, you can:

  • Easily scan paper documents
  • Convert them to digital images
  • Instantly find any document
  • Automatically create backups of your files
  • Secure documents from unauthorized access
  • Let multiple users access documents simultaneously

DocSTAR boosts your bottom line and ROI by letting you:

  • Use your space to generate profits, not store tons of paper
  • Increase employee efficiency
  • Improve customer service and document workflow
  • Eliminate misplaced or lost files
  • Access documents instantly from any PC, across a LAN, WAN, or via the Internet

The average time spent looking for a document is seven minutes.

For more information regarding DocSTAR, please contact us.

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docSTAR Configurations

Essential Edition

The Essential Edition is the entry level solution. Fast to install and easy to use, Essential is the perfect solution for today’s small office.

Workgroup Edition

The Workgroup Edition is a fully featured solution intended for small workgroups supporting up to 10 simultaneous users with modest paper flow and minimal network usage.

Workgroup Pro Edition

The Workgroup Pro Edition includes the capability of the highly reliable Two-tier Storage Architecture which provides a tough defense against information loss.

Departmental Edition

The Departmental Edition provides a high level of network performance for demanding applications. Handling up to 20 simultaneous users and volumes up to 1,000,000 pages per month. Departmental provides access to numerous optional software modules that offer enhanced capabilitie

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition is the top of the line solution that handles the demands of larger organizations with the highest speed and greatest reliability.

docSTAR Modules

Access Management Access Management* is an essential tool for any business or organization that needs to enhance its security and the confidentiality of critical documents, whether you are a human resources, medical, financial, legal or insurance professional – or representing any organization that must protect sensitive documents and records from unauthorized access

Advanced Templates and OCR The Advanced Templates and OCR* (Optical Character Recognition) module is a powerful duo of capabilities that give you a more flexible, structured method for ensuring your documents are filed consistently and intelligently.

Annotations The Annotations* module takes paper documents, and your organization, into the fully electronic 21st century. Annotations provides you with an entire suite of easy-to-use graphic and text tools (sticky notes, text, freehand drawings, straight lines, highlighter and redactor) that give you the flexibility to mark up your electronic documents and save these notes as annotations.

Attache´ With Attaché* (CD Publishing), you can quickly write a huge amount of documents onto a CD or DVD for convenient distribution with a free viewer to anyone.

Advanced Audit Trail Advanced Audit Trail technology from docSTAR allows you to quickly and accurately track a wide range of user activities performed within docSTAR.  With Audit Trail, you will be able to instantly know every time someone has viewed or manipulated any electronic document.

Barcode The Barcode module automates the filing process. It reads barcodes containing key information – customer names, account names, account numbers, etc. – and then enters this information into each document’s titles, keywords, or custom fields.

Business Document Packages (BDP) BDP delivers streamlined, intelligent package-based workflows to dramatically increase productivity and ensure that the final package is consistent and complete. BDP enables businesses to create a document checklist with “slots” designed to gather and track a set of documents necessary to complete a business workflow.

COLD/ERM DocSTAR COLD/ERM electronically captures financial statements, invoices, and other reports without printing. It stores them securely and efficiently and makes retrieval a snap. COLD/ERM is completely integrated with docSTAR imaging software, so it enjoys all of its features and its intuitive user interface.

DataLink DataLink lets docSTAR link your documents with your data by reading data from your business applications.  This software module saves keystrokes and improves accuracy during filing by leveraging the data you already have. DataLink allows you to collect information consistently and therefore speed up the filing process!

Dashboard Reporting Dashboard and Reporting can help your company get ‘on-board’ for streamlined workflow and ultimately a more efficient staff.  D & R is designed to provide visibility to your business activities by user, department or document type across your organization.

DataLink Datalink lets docSTAR link your documents with your data by reading data from your business applications.  This software module saves keystrokes and improves accuracy during filing by leveraging the data you already have.

E-mail The e-mail module helps you effectively and promptly manage your communication with everyone from customers and vendors to other members of your organization.

Integration Agent The Integration Agent enables users to build a seamless connection from the interface of their business management software to the docSTAR imaging system.  It makes all documents accessible through a smooth, intuitive work process…all in a single step.

MapConnect MapConnect provides a central place for government organizations to easily view specific Geographic Information System (GIS) spatial information and related documents in seconds for better planning and management of state and local government offices.

Native File Management This module gives you the power to store more than 150 types of electronic documents, such as word processor files, spreadsheets, and emails in their true original formats while retaining all the special features inherent in these documents.

NetConnect DocSTAR NetConnect is an innovative, optional software module, which lets you access your host docSTAR from any location with a high-speed Internet connection (such as DSL or cable modem) or over a wide-area network (WAN). It connects you with critical documents whether you are in your headquarters, a satellite, or on the road.

Print Import 5.0 Print Import lets you import documents from almost any Windows application, including AutoCAD.  Just use the Print command in your application to send a black and white or color version of your document to docSTAR.

WebView DocSTAR WebView software enables documents stored on a host docSTAR to be viewed from any computer via the Internet or corporate intranets. Now you can put documents at the fingertips of your customers, field employees, other important people, and even the general public – everywhere, at any time!  And of course you can restrict this access to only those who really need it.

Zetafax Whether fax is just a casual communication tool or an integral part of your everyday workflow, Zetafax saves paper and toner, reduces steps, and makes faxing as easy as sending or receiving an email.