About Us

In May of 1995, Brian A. Boyd attended the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) Convention in Chicago and met John Botti, CEO of Bitwise Designs. John was exhibiting DocSTAR and said his company was looking for people to find distributors to sell this new office product. After seeing the product and realizing its potential, Brian took a job with Bitwise Designs and began recruiting dealers. At that time there was one DocSTAR dealer in the country. Three years and 250 new DocSTAR dealers later, Brian decided it was time to start a dealership of his own.

In July of 1998, Brian filed for incorporation in the state of Illinois to establish an imaging company. The company name at that time was Paper Solutions Inc., but was changed to Digital Paper Solutions Inc in 2000 to more closely identify with what we provide.

Our mission is to provide companies with online and digital services that increase productivity, efficiency and, ultimately, business. We offer solutions and security when dealing with large or small amounts of important hard copy files. We hope someday to help every company in the U.S. become more environmentally friendly and have all paper documents just a click away.

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