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Committed to Providing Exceptional Workplace Solutions

Cyber Security

  • Then 30 seconds (think pie chart) 38 seconds to protect against a threat
  • 60 seconds network is 25% comprised
  • 15 minutes Passwords are hacked and new accounts created 45% damage is done
  • 30 minutes backup is exposed thru back doors 65% DAMAGE IS DONE
  • 60 minutes network has been embedded with code and a hidden registry 80% damage is done.
  • NOW is just a matter of time before a Cyber Attack strikes.
  • Our Proactive approach stops it in 30 seconds With our ThreatINTELIGENCE inline real time detection and prevention.
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Content Management

  • Document Management what is there was a way to have all your documents at your fingertip is one easy to use platform that is secure.
  • What does Document management solve 1. Eliminate paper 2. Improve your office process 3. Save Money
  • But we like paper it’s the way we always have done it
  • Did you know 77% business owners want to access files remotely
  • Professionals spend 50% of their time searching for files
  • More than 20 % of productivity loss can be completely tied to document issues.
  • Popular workflows with Document management.
  • Automation: Eliminate manual data entry, pull data direct from your document management system and pushing it into your ERP system.
  • HR onboarding now at the push of a button.

Scanning Services

  • 23 years of scanning paper files for organizations and never lost a file.
  • We pick up old and current files scan and index to your specifications and provide them to you in the format you desire.
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